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One bedside stool has a tower of what looks like Italian cookbooks.The other bedside table is packed with Italian classic films like , which will make even more sense later.

I was like, “Let’s just put a song underneath it and just stay with me being sad for as long as we can.” I knew that Soft Cell song really well, and I knew Alan liked that song, so we put it in. And if the show wasn’t on Netflix, I don’t know if we could do that.They’re supposed to be here.” It just seems like something they would do on a show like that. We just had this idea early on of the arc of what happens at the end with Chef Jeff. Casting Alessandra, I’d been meeting all these Italian actresses and our casting person was like, “You really need to meet this woman.” But I was in Rome and she couldn’t come to Rome because she was in London.You meet this guy and he’s the greatest guy and he helps out Dev and then you find out he’s a monster! If I hook into something, it’s because it’s a take on the messiness of life. You know, they’re unique, and they’re brave, and they’re about people who are constantly fucking worried about what to do next. It’s messy and they’re not the most confident people, even though they put it on. Then I randomly ended up going to London to meet with Lena to write the Thanksgiving episode, so Alessandra comes and we do the audition.We also meet Dev’s boss, the larger-than-life Chef Jeff (Bobby Cannavale). Holy shit.” He remembered and, like, a year later called me and said, “Dude, would you play this part I wrote for you? That’s all you got to say.” It was, like, months before before we shot it and he was just like, “I just want you to play a guy, man, that everybody loves to be around and he loves that people love to be around him.” I was like, “All right, done.

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Dev has the best time running around to museums and restaurants with Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), who’s miraculously back in New York with her boyfriend Pino, and the worst time going on a second date with Priya (Tiya Sircar), the Indian lawyer who seemed like the best of his Tinder dates in episode four. Those are the real Jabbawockeez, they’re not dancers in masks. I love it.” : That’s the first time Francesca comes back to New York and they go to the art exhibit at BAM and dinner at that tapas place.I thought it would be cool to have someone else in the writers room who has that perspective of growing up Indian in America. That running thing of me calling Arnold and going through dating stuff, it’s so funny. We call each other pretty much every day with little updates about things, and that’s very much our relationship. I don’t think Eric gets mani-pedis, but we were like, “Okay, where can we put Eric in this scene? We just decided that Chef Jeff and John are friends, and John would perform this song and they would have that moment.